What is thrival music?

Music is a universal language that brings us together.

As one of two key components of the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, Thrival Music follows two days of innovation-focused programming (Thrival Innovation) and welcomes tens of thousands of festival goers for a unique live music experience.

An extension of the pioneering ideas and creativity celebrated during Thrival Innovation, the festival's live music experience brings festival goers to authentic, one-of-a-kind Pittsburgh venues who then come together as a community.

Thrival Music features a stark contrast of new sound and iconic Pittsburgh backdrops with a penchant for creative placemaking — dedicating itself to fostering a new sense of identity that respects the past and embraces the future.



A Special Live Music Experience

Each year, Thrival partners with dozens of organizations to bring a distinctive and memorable live music experience to festival attendees. Over the years, the festival has featured Grammy Award-winning artists as well as rising national touring acts, and dedicates a minimum of one quarter of its lineup to music acts from the Pittsburgh region. As a result, festival-goers get a blend of some of the top talent touring America, while also connecting with local and regional artists making a name for themselves.

Sir the Baptist Band Image.jpg

An Eclectic Lineup

Since its founding 2013, Thrival has always experimented with its music lineup curation — figuring out new ways to blend sound, genre, and audience in ways that foster positive, one-of-a-kind experiences. Ranging from alt-indie, to hip-hop, to EDM, to acid jazz — Thrival artists bring high energy and inspired performances to Pittsburgh. 


Authentic, Creative Placemaking

If there is a single word to describe Pittsburgh, it is "authentic." Far from highly manicured polo fields or specially-designed urban amphitheaters, the homes of Thrival Music are living testament to both Pittsburgh's industrial past and Pittsburgh's bright future and cultural relevance.