What is THRIVAL InnovatioN?

Thrival Innovation is one of two key components (Thrival Innovation and Thrival Music) of the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, hosted every September in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is part platform and part convening power.

Thrival Innovation's main focus is:


The intersection of people and machines will be a defining relationship for the future of humanity.

Acknowledging a massive shift toward automation, and the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our daily lives, Thrival Innovation addresses key challenges and opportunities in this space, and fosters unique programs and discussions with industry leaders to explore how local, national, and international ecosystems will be impacted.

A Community of Ideas

Thrival Innovation has welcomed thousands of attendees and partnered with hundreds of organizations since its founding in 2013. In 2017, Thrival has shifted its thematic focus to HUMANS X TECH, leveraging an opportunity to dive deeper into the realm of automation, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

Different angles and subject matter emerge each year that are relevant to innovation ecosystems around the world, yet Pittsburgh brings a unique experience and value proposition to the conversation.


A Space for Thought Leadership

Thrival Innovation has welcomed hundreds of pioneering thought leaders to Pittsburgh. Cutting across hundreds of industries and specialties, Thrival speakers are interdisciplinary and dynamic, and willing to speak their mind on the most pressing economic, social, and industrial issues facing the world. 


A Platform for Innovators 

New ideas — and people who come up with them — flourish at Thrival Innovation through a celebration free thinking, open discourse, and practical skill development and acquisition. While certain areas on the United States have laid claim as "innovation hubs," Pittsburgh has emerged as a powerful player in automated systems, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing — welcoming a community of industry leader, professionals, and community stakeholders to participate in unique, relevant programs and content.