The Concert


The 178-acre site will function as distinct, yet complementary and interconnected districts, each with mixtures of different allowed uses and unique and meaningful places.  At the north end of the site, tailored mixed-use office and residential buildings at the narrow four-mile run end of the site will link to the "eds and meds," education and medical industries of Oakland and reflect the uses of the Downtown Business Center, and the mixed-use qualities of South Side while also reflecting the neighborhood qualities of adjacent Glen Hazel, Greenfield, and Squirrel Hill.  

Formerly an industrial brownfield left in the wake of LTV Coke Works closing, Almono is in the process of developing riverview areas, a smart site central green, and eco tech park, and the Hazelwood flats. Thrival 2015 will introduce the first event of its kind held on the Almono site since its redevelopment process began over a decade ago — with a capacity to hold some 10,000 attendees a day. For more information, visit their site!