Thrival Innovation: September 20-22

Where will Thrival Innovation take place this year?

We are currently deciding the location(s) for Thrival Innovation programming. All locations are located within or in the neighboring boroughs of the city of Pittsburgh.

What kind of programming can we expect?

In 2016, we will host daily and evening programming focused on themes that intersect with various industries and specializations — including food, technology, design, and culture.

Does it cost money to attend Thrival Innovation events?

Day-time innovation programming is FREE. However, many of our evening events will be ticketed.

Am I able to participate in Thrival Innovation as a speaker or presenter?

Great question! Yes! There will soon be an online form that can be filled out in order to receive more information.

Who attends Thrival Innovation?

Another great question! Thrival attracts attendees and participants from across the United States. Over 2,000 attendees and 120 speakers participated in Thrival Innovation last year. Over 60 cities and 20 states were represented, as well as over 40 industries.

Thrival Innovation welcomes all walks of life — from creatives, to designers, makers, thinkers, leaders, pioneers, connectors, and more. We're one big happy family!

Frequently Asked Questions: CONCERT


Thrival Music: September 23-24

Prohibited Items on Site

  • Drugs

  • Controlled substance

  • Alcohol

  • Outside food or drink (including sealed water bottles)

  • Weapons

  • Firearms

  • Totems // “Rage sticks”

  • Laser pointers

  • Large framed backpacks

  • Video recording equipment

  • Tripods

  • Audio recording equipment

  • Coolers

  • Contraband

  • Unauthorized merchandise

  • Fireworks

Any person attempting to enter the venue with any of these item(s) above will be refused access or have to give up prohibited item(s) before entry. Illegal substance will be confiscated and items will be handed over to SPD. 


Working with our community partners, we make every effort to make Thrival accessible. We invite guests with special needs to email us in advance for any specific questions or concerns.


Festival gates open at 3:00 pm on Friday and 12pm on Saturday. Curfew is MIDNIGHT both days. 

Tickets will still be available at the festival box office located inside the main gate area.

Will there be entry and exit privileges?

Yes. But concert attendees are required to keep their wristbands on. If wristbands are lost for whatever reason, you will have to pay full door price for readmission. Wristbands that have been damaged or tampered with will not be accepted.


Weekends are always busy in Pittsburgh — but we recommend looking to stay in the South Side Works, Oakland (Pittsburgh’s university district), or the Waterfront for a quick trip down to the concert site. Also, there are new hotels in Pittsburgh's East End, including the Ace Hotel and Hotel Indigo


There will be no lockers available on the concert site. We recommend to pack accordingly and to keep all personal belongings with you at all times.

Lost items

Unaccounted for items or abandoned items (bags, clothing, etc.) will be removed from the concert site and will be available for pick-up at our info booth until MIDNIGHT on Saturday evening.


Safety for Thrival attendees is our first and foremost priority. Police, EMS, and private security teams will be on hand for multiple days preceding the concert, during the concert, and afterward.

Shenanigans and light-hearted kerfuffles are tolerated — as long as you include us in the fun. Otherwise, NO!

Service Animals

Individuals with disabilities shall be permitted to be accompanied by their service animals in all accessible areas of the concert site. The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the individual’s disability.

Ticket FAQs

Children’s tickets

Children six (6) years old and under are admitted free when accompanied by a ticketed adult. There is no limit to the number of kids per adult; however, free admissions are at the discretion of gate management, so please use sound judgment.

Name on ticket

The name on the ticket simply reflects the name under which the ticket was reserved. Thrival reserves the right to ask for identification in relation to tickets, but this should only be necessary if there is a discrepancy with the tickets and we need to clear up any suspected fraudulent activity. Please note that WHEN YOU BUY A THRIVAL TICKET, one wristband is issued for the weekend and cannot be used by another person.

Ticket fees

Fees are terrible.

Fees suck. We know. We hate them, too. But, as you can tell, we implement them with every Thrival ticket.

Just so you know, fees are 20% of each ticket’s face value as well as a 3% credit card fee. This is within (but on the low end of) the industry norm.

The reason for this isn’t because we’re going for an unfettered cash grab. It’s actually for a number of reasons:

1.)  We build out concert site from the ground up, every year. Like, everything — stages, green rooms, gravel, lighting, fencing, box office, tenting, parking areas, and more. We even mow. Fees help off-set the numerous components to building a concert site out of former industrial sites.

2.)  Substantial security is necessary in order to ensure a safe and secure concert site for all of our attendees, vendors, exhibitors, staff, and artists. Fees help us afford dozens of security staff and police that work hard behind the scenes to make this happen.

3.)  Fees also pay for our full-service ticket provider, Ticketfly — who are on-call from 10am-9pm EST for questions, concerns, and any other ticketing matter.

4.) Fees also go toward paying the entertainment tax imposed by the host municipality for the concert.
Thanks again for all of your support! See you in September!

Refunds or exchanges

Refunds or exchanges are not allowed after a ticket is purchased.

Tickets and wristbands are not transferable

Once you enter the event, your ticket will be taken and a wristband will be placed on your wrist. Tickets and wristbands are not transferable. Only one wristband is issued per ticket for the weekend and cannot be used by another person. For example, you cannot buy a weekend pass and give your wristband to another person to wear on a different day.