September 27-28; Pittsburgh, PA

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This is Thrival Innovation's theme in 2017. Why this? And why in Pittsburgh? Read on below.

You may have heard the phrase, "Fourth Industrial Revolution." It's a bit high brow, but it is essentially this: an era when new technologies intersect through and impact all elements of our society and physical environment.

Far from being an interesting news headline, a fast-evolving world based around artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, new digital frontiers, machine learning, and the "Internet of Things" is very much a reality in many places: perhaps none so much as in Pittsburgh — as commuting in a driverless car, researching these phenomena at world-class universities, founding an AI startup, or working for a tech giant is now commonplace.

It's not just theory here; it's our daily lives. We live it each day.

As such, Pittsburgh is uniquely positioned to lead this discussion. Why? Because we are finding ourselves — intentionally and unintentionally — at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, just as we did with the first three. But our city also realizes that while we have much to share, we have much to learn.

Join us this September 27-28 as we explore "Intelligence: Humans X Tech," and examine, together, the intersection between humans and technology and what this means for our collective future.