Join us this September 27-28 as we explore "Intelligence: Humans X Tech," and examine, together, the intersection between humans and technology and what this means for our society's future.

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Plenary Session I

Tech Forward: Entrepreneurship, Cybersecurity, & Emerging Technologies

@ Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

1:00-4:30 PM

Experts have speculated that artificial intelligence will become so routine in the near future that it will be barely noticeable in our daily lives. In other words, humans and technology will link together in ways only once imaginable. However, many questions remain. Who will create these innovations? How will we protect ourselves in this new frontier? What technologies will drive this revolution and what will be the impact? Join us at the Ace Hotel for an examination into these pressing issues and hear from industry and thought leaders who are shaping the landscape.

Panel 1

"The New Entrepreneur Toolkit: Valuable Tech, Human, and Social Capital for Startups"

Panel 2

"The New Cybersecurity Playbook: Innovating and Protecting the Digital Frontier"

Panel 3

"New Empire Makers: How to Succeed in the Rust Belt and Other Emerging Markets"

Panel 4

"Secure By Design? Blockchain, New Database Platforms, and Why They Matter"


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Risks & Opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

@ The Kelly Strayhorn Theater (East Liberty)

6:00-8:30 PM

In collaboration with XPRIZE and hosted at the historic Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Thrival Innovation will address, head on, the consequences of an artificial intelligence revolution — ranging from the effects on our day-to-day lives, to the impact on jobs and the economy, to the way government and lawmakers handle automation on a massive scale.

Thought Talk

"The Moonshot Mentality: Solving Grand Challenges with Artificial Intelligence"

Panel 1

"Skynet or Shangri-La? The Role of AI Ethics and Policy in Shaping Our Future"

Panel 2

"Better Than Us? Humanity's Place in an AI-Driven World"


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Thursday, September 28



Plenary Session II

Human Touch:

Culture & Communication in the Age of AI

@ UPMC Enterprises (Bakery Square)

1:00-4:30 PM


While the automation revolution presents an array of economic and market opportunities, the proliferation of artificial intelligence and robotics will undoubtedly have a human cost associated with it. Yet, time and again, we witness major tech companies and new innovation miss the mark as scale, development, or go-to-market strategies fall short of their objectives. If people (still) remain at the center of the equation, how can we successfully foster technological growth at an unprecedented scale while helping humanity prosper and flourish? Join us at UPMC Enterprises in Bakery Square to search of answers and take a deeper dive into a challenge that will shape our collective future.

Panel 1

"It's Not Just About the Tech: Knowing Your Market and Effective Brand Communication"

Panel 2

"Robots Don't Care, But You Do: Designing Things for Actual Humans"

Panel 3

"Headspace in the Workspace: Mental Health and Our Unsustainable Work Culture"

Panel 4

"Tech Culture Re-boot: Diversity, Equity, and Our Evolving Ecosystems"


Thrival Innovation Marquee

Intelligence: Humans X Tech

@ Carnegie Museum of Art (Oakland)

6:00-10:30 PM

Thrival Innovation will conclude with a first-ever collaborative event with the Carnegie Museum of Art to recognize Pittsburgh’s unique and evolving role within the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With a focus on interactivity and AI, this marquee event will celebrate the work of world-renowned artist and technologist, Ian Cheng — while featuring over a dozen technology demos, art presentations, exhibits, and keynote talks from thought leaders and industry executives shaping the global marketplace.

More information coming soon!

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